April 28, 2015

Tripp's 3rd Birthday Ninja Turtles

These are some of the things that we made for my grandson Tripp's 3rd birthday party.

 Mutant Ninja Turtle Cup.  We made 6 in each of Red, Orange, Purple and Blue. We used cups that the kids could bring home with them and use again.
This is the invitation that my daughter and I made. We took a card and cut it in half to make to invitations out of it.

This is the birthday card that my daughter made for him.

He also likes the Transformers, so I made him a card with a Robot on it.

This is the pinwheel bow that I made using the Pretty Packages Cricut Cartridge. We used it on the swimming pool his Mom and Dad got him

I hope you all liked the crafts. Love, Light, Healing, and Blessings sent your way.
Rachel Miller

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