July 6, 2012

Back To School Apple Card

First I want to say that I am disappointed that I never get any "COMMENTS" good or bad.  I love it when people tell me how nice my cards are but, I like when someone leaves "CONSTIVE CRITICISM"  that way I know what it is I need to improve on.  So PLEASE leave me some comments.  Thank You!

With that being said lets go with my first card of the day.  This card comes to you via "The Cardmakers Bible"  edited by Cheryl Brown.

You Will Need:
Single fold card 5in square
Light and Dark Green Paper
Now here's where I changed things; the book called for a square and apple punch.  However, I used my Cricut Cartridges.  To make the SQUARE I used "Accent Essentials" accent #27s and cut them at 1 3/4 then I used "DoodleCharms" to cut my "APPLE" at 1 1/4

Cut out 3 apples and 3 squares in your Light Green Paper and 3 apples and 3 squares in your Dark Green Paper.  Place your squares on your card alternating the Light and Dark Green so that you have 2 Light Green and 1 Dark Green for your first row.  Your second row should have 2 Dark Green and 1 Light Green.  Your Dark Green Apples go on your Light Green squares and your Light Green Apples go on your Dark Green squares.

This card can be used for so many different things. You can use a Heart for Valentines, A Mother's Day flower for Mothers Day, or a Rabbit for Easter.

Now for a Picture of the card.  I used Apples so that my son can give this card to his teacher as a "Welcome Back To School" card.

As always.... May GOD Bless you, your family, friends, and neighbors.... But most of all may GOD give you the GRACE to FORGIVE your enemies!!! Rachel Miller
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