October 14, 2010

Christmas Tea-Bag Card

1} Cut 8--1 1/2-inch squares of Christmas Paper. Fold each in half, patterned side out, and open out again. Fold the corners at one end into the center line.

2} Fold in half again, along the fold line created in Step 1. Fold the opposite corner up to create a pocket. Make sure you fold all squres in the same direction.

3} To make the Christmas wreath, put a touch of PVA glue on the point of each piece and insert it into the pocket of another. Join all eight pieces of paper in this way.

4} Cut card blank to 3x8 inches then close.  Cut a 3 x 6 inch piece in coordinating paper.  Wrap it around
     the top of the white card, securing with double sided tape.

5} Thread a loop of ribbon around the wreath and fix to the top of the card.
6} Tie a small bow and give into position to hide the ends of the ribbon fixin.

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