May 23, 2011

Two New Cards

Today I have two post for you.  This first is two cards that I made using Digi images.  I have had them for so long that I have forgotten where I got them from so, if they belong to you or someone you know please let me know so that I can give credit to the people that made them.

This first card is a "Country Cottage".  I love it one because I love the country and two because I live in the country and this cottage would be perfect where I live!!

 This second card is the first time that I have used a page from an old book as the background.  I have used Digi lips and a Digi cupcake.  The lips signify a kiss and the cupcake signifies a treat.  I used flowers in the corner that I cut from lace that I bought back in 2007.
This card can be used as a Birthday Card or a Friendship Card.

I hope that you have enjoyed these two cards.  Thank you for stopping by and remember to visit my Stampin' Up site at HTTP://
Rachel Miller
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