November 26, 2011

Just a Couple Of Cards

I will be making several post today.  Two of them will be for "The Outlawz Creative Freebie Challenge".  However, this post is for a couple of cards that I just made.  This first one is a card for my Father-in-law whoa has a birthday coming up on December 11th

I saw the stickers a while back on sale and thought they would be absolutely perfect to use on a card for him!  The stickers are from "Paper Studio" I bought them at Walmart.
I hope when he gets the card he likes it!  Here goes nothing {LOL}

Now my 2nd card for this post is a set of stickers bought from Walmart on sale yet again {LOL I do so LOVE sales}  and these are from " Making Memories"  I bought them and made the card simple because I liked the stickers.  No other reason, I had no one in mind to send the card to.  
So, Here's the card it's decorated on the outside and the inside with the top of the inside left blank to write on.

Front of card:

Inside of Card:

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