March 18, 2012

Items My daughter AMANDA and I have made for her baby shower

My daughter Amanda and her husband Michael Schexnayder are expecting their first child April 21, 2012.  My first Grand-son but my second grandchild!  He'll be loved all the same.  Amanda and I have been working on somethings for her shower that we would like to share.  We would also like it noted that we would be ever so glad to make these items for anyone else that needs them and we can adapt them to any occasion.  Our fee depends on the cost of the items we need to buy for your particular occasion and the cost of shipping and handling to your location.

Here goes project # 1:

This is the GIFT BAG that we made for the gift that me, her step dad and her little brother bought for Michael Russell Schexnayder III  The BOW on the bag was made with the help of the BOWDABRA!

 Project #2
We made a  DIAPER CAKE!!   Their theme is "CAMO with some BLUE" so Amanda and I wanted the Diaper Cake to reflect that.  Hopefully we pulled that off!!

Project #3
"ONESIE"   THANK YOU CARDS!!   The ultimate Baby Shower Thank You!  They're easy to make and your guest can pick them up on their way out so you don't have to remember to mail them!!   

I hope you've enjoyed what we've made so far!  More post to come soon!!!

As always.... May GOD Bless you, your family, friends, and neighbors.... But most of all may GOD give you the GRACE to FORGIVE your enemies!!! Rachel Miller
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